• DUSUD Summer, Provence, skin glows under the sun - the scene is set.
    Nourished by regional stereotypes, this series highlights the local customs where bodies warmed by the sun are close to the melancholic spirits of the memories just lived. The dusud objects, designed by Antoine Meffre Chol in collaboration with Provencal artisans, are meant to be storytellers, carriers of a summer narration. A tribute to the epicureanism of vacations in the South of France.

  • 911 – Where dynamism and continuity cross paths, we get enthralled in an endless loop, a glitch in the time. The emergency of our current times, marked by political unrest and uncertainty, perpetuates our dreams, keeping us up during the night.

  • NARCISSE While trying to avoid herself a glance at the television becomes a fixation at the face staring back. She soon becomes absorbed by her reflection, consumed by the structural beauty she was always told to hide from. Polina shot by the Paris-based duo Jeanne et Romain, with a set designed by Antoine Meffrechol.


At a cross-roads between grime and elegance, VISORE X assumes a Vantage Point to watch the post-punk universe come to life. Light flares on skin and moisture fills the air, an atmosphere thick with the energy of those seeking it.

Generation R

Captured deep in thought, Bedzo, Kuany, and Hanel move through the city dreaming of the incoming future. A generation on the verge of movement, fuelled by love and hope, are fast approaching. Hélène Tchen wanders alongside, documenting the age-old narrative of the rebellious youth.


Long-hours are spent chasing dreams fast approaching and the anticipation of a day on production simmers from Monday to Friday.


We often ask ourselves where we find love and how it finds us. How it appears so suddenly and, when it does, from where?

Welcome to the digital landmark, VISORE X.


Carne Bollente is a free and independent Paris based brand established in 2015* focusing on the relation between sex and positivity to allow people to embrace their own sexuality and kinks through their clothes.


Fast building herself as a force within the creative industry, Gab Bois bends the norms of fashion, art, technology, and youth culture to produce content designed to make you take a second-look