For this PFW, we invited the Art Photographer Romain Ruiz to join us at the shows and presentations. His personal style underlines the bizzarre and ironic traits of this sparkling temporary world. 


"Paris fashion week is always a special time for many Parisians. These are the weeks of the year when the city seems to be unapproachable, extortionate. This city that we know so well suddenly appears to us as opaque, reserved and sophisticated. The French extravagance being at the heart of my inspiration as a photographer, during these days I discovered the face of this city that I did not know, a free space of passionate and creative people, using the most original Parisian architecture and establishments to convey the brand's messages and images". Romain Ruiz


Photographer: Romain Ruiz

Brands: Florentina Leitner, Meryll Rogge, Pressiat, Maitrepierre, Paula Canovas del Vas, Ruohan