Sofiya Loriashvili brings us to Ukraine and shows us moments of life during war. Her focus is not the war itself but how young generations deal with it, how they re-think their home, their sociality and their time. With these images, she shows us her very “last voyage in this f*****g world”.


“In 2021, I photographed young Ukrainians for several months, most of whom I met on the networks and with whom I ended up sharing everything. We lived together, ate, slept, traveled. In Kyiv, Odessa and again in Kyiv.


Back in Paris, while I was working on an erotic zine, the war started. I then decided to take all the images and make a photo novel “MY LAST VOYAGE IN THIS F*****G WORLD”. I wanted to have a detailed photo album of a period that will never happen again.

1 year later, in August 2022 I was able to return home. I was able to photograph the same people but in different places, fleeing the war. I saw Malek again who welcomed me into the REZAVOD (former medical factory located in Lviv which was transformed into an artists’ studio and shelter for young refugees) as well as Aleksei who lived with his mother”. Sofiya