In the era of human machines, we become self-automates. HUMAN MACHINES delves deep into the recesses of a primal fear: the haunting dread of being replaced, focusing on the profound unease of being substituted by other entities or human beings.


HUMAN MACHINES is a project presented by nhow Berlin hotel for Berlin Art Week 2023.


Created and Executive Produced by Visore Lab

Produced by Topo


Film Director: Karim Coppola
Video Commissioner: Poul Nissen

Executive Producer: Karim Coppola

Production Director: Manuel Marin

Production Manager: Tomás Conterio


Director of Photography: Jorge Rico

Choreographer: Sohrab Chitan

Cast: Paolo Busti, Gonzalo Alonso, Axelle Chagneu, Mariano Carluccio, Clara Bessard
Make Up Artist: Paula Del Rio

Hair Stylist: María Maganto

Make Up Artist Assistant: Catalina Puente

Sound Designer: Lennan Daniel


Editor: Sergio Goce Rouco

Editing Supervisor: Poul Nissen

Color Grading: Ana Alborés

First Personal Assistant: Paul Amiguet

Second Personal Assistant: Andrés Robleda

Scouter: Victor Alvarez

Camera Operator: Jorge Rico

Focus: Puller Pedro Curtu

Camera Assistant: Sofía Colodrón

DIT: Mehdi Lamsani
Steadycam Operator: Andrés López

Gaffer: Borja Arribas
Spark: Rodrigo Díaz