"What's your favorite color?" When we were children, we were always asked the same simple question. Green, purple, black  ... There was no right or wrong answer, but everybody was expecting just one color. Blue or pink, both was not an option. Since then, we have been playing with multiple colors, combining them to define who we are. None of us is just one color. 

Featured brands: Balenciaga, Miu Miu, Études, Solid Homme, Victoria/Tomas, Véronique Leroy, Emminecence, Ouest Paris, Natan, Ruslan Baginsiy, Sportmax


Creative Director: Karim Coppola

Photography: Visore Lab

Stylist: Tiphaine Menon

Models: Mattia at VM Management, Alicia at Women Management, Mason at Rock Men, Hugo at Rock Men, Rachel at City Models, Ebah at Fever Management, Anastasia at Crystal Model Paris, M'Balou at City Models 

Hair Stylist: Charlene Georgy

Make-up Artist: Ines Zerouali 

Production: Visore Lab