We’ve always been fascinated by precious stones, from their shining and strength.
It’s time for taking care of each other and shape ourselves into diamonds. Strong, cold, and desired. We will keep our hearts but it won’t be possible to steal them. This time it will be up to us.

Featured brands: Kenzo, Adidas, Marrknull, Rui Zhou, Lokidolor, Lado Bokuchava, Alice Grosjean, Wolford, Lacuna, Simon Azoulay, Mario Melis, AZ factory, Victor Clavelly, Ariunaa Suri, Riz Poli, Prototype, 1309SR

Creative Director: Karim Coppola

Photographer: Giovanni Fedele
Stylist: Daliah Spiegel

Models: Mika at Viva Paris, Calista at Women 360

Hair Stylist: Andreia Carvalho

Make-up Artist: Pauline du Manoir
Production: VISORE LAB