Behind the door of their apartments, all girls and boys take some time for watching themselves in the mirror. They smile, they look angry or they try some sexy poses, naked in front of themselves. A private and intimate moment to discover what others see. Then, they wear some clothes and, according to the circumstance, they decide who they will perform. Ready to go out?


Brands featured: Armor Jewelry, Kriba, Steven Passaro, In gold we trust, Anja Zecevic, Anna Heim, Antoine Lazaroo, Le fil, Oberkampf, Tim Ruehl, Maitrepierre, La Fetiche, Carré Y, Fomulo, Paul Benzing, Berhasm, Mifig, Gauchere


Creative Director: Karim Coppola

Photographer: Olivia Ghalioungui

Stylist: Isabella Papadimitroui

Stylist's Assistant: Maszia Oettgen

Models: Alessio and Sophia at Metropolitan Management, Salwa, Yume, Melvin Noor, Seymour and Yeop at Select Model Management 

Hair Stylist: Alan Antoine

Make Up Artist: Estelle Andria

Production: VISORE LAB