Nature versus nurture hangs as an imbalance, strung high above as we decipher life. Are we who we are today from the guidance we have gained, or the experiences that have shaped us? We might never have clarity on this, but the future does not depend on us reliving the past.

Brands Featured: Aldwin Teva William, Alter Design, Cachí, Louis Gabriel Nouchi, Martin Malrieux, Molism, Prululla, Rory William Docherty, Rukpong, Sarenza, Skinswear, Valentine Gauthier. 

Creative Director: Karim Coppola
Photographer: Anja Pancaldi
Styling: Arnaud Chartouni
Hair Artist: Sibel Tekin
Make-Up Artist: Clara Barban-Dangerfield
Models: Benjamin (Rock Men), Mia (Metropolitan Models)
Production: VISORE LAB