Feeling a different body can be painful but we are constantly asking for touching and exploring the unknown. Corrie and Diana connect themselves finger to finger; where one ends, begins the other one, becoming one body only. Wearing an armor of thorns, they tenderly cling to each other, finding through pain pleasure. 


Brands featured: Abséel, Loëy, F. Weak, Hazama, Freelance, Leandra Cano, Maison Davide Bazella, Koi Footwear, Juliette Bros, Agnes B.


Creative Director: Karim Coppola

Photography: Greg Ponthus

Stylist: Baia Ali

Models: Corrie at Next Models, Diane at Women Management Paris

Hair Stylist: Marléne Bouron

Make Up Artist: Yoriko Fujita

Production: VISORE LAB