They've always desired to leave and go far. Luna’s favorite movie is Thelma & Louise, while Emanuela is more passionated about engineerining. One night, counting on each other, instead of going to the usual bar with the usual friends, they steal a car and leave. They don’t know where, but it will be far, for a night or for a life.


Creative Director: Karim Coppola

Photography: Simon Chirat 

Stylist: Isabella Papadimitrou

Stylist's Assistant: Lucia Graziella 

Models: Emanuela at New Madison Models, Luna at Elite Model Management 

Hair Stylist: Cloé Hobi

Make Up Artist: Yoriko Fujita

Production: VISORE LAB


Brands featured: Prada, Études, Souliers Martinez, Victoria/Tomas, Polite Worldwide, La Galpa, Alexandra Zhukova, Aoa Atelier, Nu Atelier, Sy&Vie, Persta Paris, Sasha Lane Brickowski, Carré Y, Thismxjewelry, Natan, llayers, Le Fil