While trying to avoid herself a glance at the television becomes a fixation at the face staring back. She soon becomes absorbed by her reflection, consumed by the structural beauty she was always told to hide from. Polina shot by the Paris-based duo Jeanne et Romain, with a set designed by Antoine Meffrechol.

Brands featured: Fendi, Sankuanz, Victoria/Tomas, Skinswear, Loëy, Songzio, Roberto Cavalli.

Creative Director: Karim Coppola
Photographers & Art Directors: Jeanne et Romain
Stylist: Baïa Ali
Make-Up Artist: Christine Frame
Hair Artist: Kevin Roux
Model: Polina at City Models
Set Designer: Antoine Meffrechol
Set Design Assistant: Lili Dufour
Nail Artist: Nails by Magda
Light Assistant: Eliot Japy
Production: VISORE LAB