Like an ancient hero, I will fight with the other boys. I will close my blue eyes and will give them strong punches. Look at my scratches, blood is going down to my neck. This is how strong and alive my desir is. When I will open my blue eyes, I will be a man and in that moment I will ask you to love me.


Brands featured: Marine Serre, GMBH, Louis Gabriel Nouchi, Ludovic de Saint Sernin, Honey Fucking Dijon, Liberal Youth Ministry, Jeanne Friot, Kenzo, Litkovksaya, Mon Secret, Fax Copy Express, Roude TM. 


Creative director: Karim Coppola

Photography: Sergey Vasiliev

Stylist: Benoît Paquet-Marty

Model: Jaouen at 16 Paris Management

Hair Stylist: Jean Dorthu

Make up Artist: David Lenhardt

Production: VISORE LAB