The kids sitting on the back bench of Class of 78 listened to 'Cheap Trick' hearing the chant "Memories are made to be remembered" on repeat. Rolling their eyes yet hiding the melancholia of leaving school, excitement for the uncertainty of leaving school grows powerful. A collection of unseen pictures of the Class of '78.

Creative Director: Karim Coppola
Photographer: Lucie Hugary
Stylist: Alexandra Osina
Stylist Assistant: Joa Jappont
Hair and Make-Up Artist: Fanny Faslin
Models: Leopold, Sekhou, Emmanuel, Rintaro, Lonny, Ariel, Saeed, Santa, Joshua
Agencies: Rock Men, Premium Models, Bananas Models, Metropolitan Models
Production: VISORE LAB

 Brands featured: 8IGB, Adieu x Undercover, Azzaro, Dries Van Noten, Gunther, In Gold We Trust, Levis, Lionnard, Lugdunum, Octogony, Sero Paris, Steven Passaro, Unrow