We are like wildflowers, we grow differently, but in the same field and here, we dictate our own rules.


Brands featured: Études, Víron, Kenzo, Jeanne Friot, Shaydn Gill, Luxottica, Christoph Rumpf, Tatulyan, MonSecret, Kiliwatch Vintage, Manolo Blahnik, Edwin, Tatulyan, La Fetiche, Valette Studio, Garcone Studio, Peng Tai, Thoma Pierre Jean, Liberal Youth Ministry, Amber Ambrose Aurèle, Vilbrequin, Fax Copy Express

Creative Director: Karim Coppola

Photography: Quirin Siegert

Stylist: Ruairi Horan

Stylist Assistant: Louis Lemoine

Set Designer: Valentin Carrié

Models: Suma at Success Models, Chandler at IMG Models, Gabriele at 16 Paris Management 

Hair Stylist: Sumiyo Kyoshima

Make Up Artist: Hind Sousan

Production: VISORE LAB