There was a specific time, during the '80s, when the gym was definitely getting trippy.
It was the golden era of tanned bodybuilders and when aerobic dance classes dominated the fitness landscape.
Training items from this period were way more colorful; bright, quirky lycra elastic pieces mixed with funky accessories were the norm.
Sergio, Aziz, and Juliette followed this logic, do you think you need a full set of gear the next time you hit the gym? Definitely not, but look at it as a key move to escape boredom and in case conforming to the others may not be your thing.

The quirky and playful looks of Sergio, Aziz and Juliette feature: Balenciaga, Issey Miyake, Lacoste, Palomo Spain, Nike, Alled Martinez, Rom Dren, Anne Isabella, Highlight Studio, Emeerree, Cem Cinar, Camper Lab, Arturo Obegero, Zonen Van Thor.

Creative & Casting Director: Karim Coppola
Photographer: Mark Yareham
Stylist: Carla Ruiz
Stylist Assistant: Laura Giménez, Julie Chopard 
Models: Sergio (Two Management), Juliette (City Models), Aziz (IMG Models)
Make-Up Artist: Kamila Vay
Hair Stylist: Michael Thanh Bui 
Production: Visore Lab