As the day draws to an end and darkness creeps in, the Parisian nightlife engulfs the city and figures of prominence begin to emerge. Eric Sakai tracks Liam through his evening routine, taking him from the comfort of the indoors to the streets of wintery Paris. With the styling of Manvi Bhatnagar, photographer and model alike find bliss in the uncertainty that the night has to offer.

Brands featured: Ann Demeulemeester, Camper Lab, Emporio Armani, Justine Clenquet, Kenzo, Mara Paris, Nu Atelier, Parts Of Four, Victoria/Tomas

Creative Director: Karim Coppola
Photographer: Eric Sakai
Stylist: Manvi Bhatnagar
Make-Up Artist: Yoriko Fujita
Hair Artist: Sayaka Aga
Models: Liam
Agencies: Elite Model Management
Production: VISORE LAB