It’s playtime for Ulysse, Annabel, Lila, Yuliya, Yuta, Sanjay, Felipe, and Divine. Chasing sunrises after rave hours but no dirt on their attire. They get back to class, with memories of climbing fences and stomp dancing growing sweeter as the year passes. To them, nights are companions of their dreams and diplomas are trivial. They refuse to let education cloud over their personalities. Instead, they shield their sanity revolting against the norm.
Our producer Camporeale didn’t fail with them. Listen his interpretation of the characters on SoundCloud.
"Maybe people are nostalgic about high school cause it's, like, the last time in their life that they get to dream." – Euphoria

Brands Featured: Mugler, Cerruti, Acne Studios, Paul Benzing, Laruicci, Diesel, Steven Passaro, Marine Serre, Corrosion, Philippe Audibert, Solid Homme, Defaïence, Etudes, Vesqmojo, Ouest, Saga Jewelry, Kriba and La Maskarade.

Creative Director: Karim Coppola
Photographer: Emmanuelle Descraques
Photographer Assistant: Anthonin Robineau
Stylist: Clélia Cazals
Stylist Assistants: Camille Voilet, Lea Scheldeman
Casting: Karim Coppola, Lylia Bokélé
Sound Designer: Théo Camporeale
Hair Stylist: Estelle Andria
Hair Stylist Assistant: Gloria Abbondanza
Make-Up Artist : Estelle Andria
Models: Lila (Dominique Models), Yuta (Bananas Models), Filipe (16 Paris Management), Ulysse (Rock Men), Anabel (City Models), Yuliya (Elite Model Management), Divine (Next Models), Sanjay (Elite Model Management)
Production: Visore Lab