Summer, Provence, skin glows under the sun - the scene is set.
Nourished by regional stereotypes, this series highlights the local customs where bodies warmed by the sun are close to the melancholic spirits of the memories just lived.
The dusud objects, designed by Antoine Meffre Chol in collaboration with Provencal artisans, are meant to be storytellers, carriers of a summer narration.
A tribute to the epicureanism of vacations in the South of France.


Creative Director : Karim Coppola
Art Director & Designer : Antoine Meffre Chol
Photographer : Maud Rallière
Producer : Lara Sanchez
Movement Director : Finn Miller
Video Editing: Mateo Brossaud
Stylist: Louis Guimard
Make-Up Artist : Kenya Vallet
Hair Artist : Cloé Hobi
Talents: Antonin from Metropolitan Management, Elisheva, Gabrielle, Joshua from GIRL Mgmt, Issam from Select Model Management, Nadya from Premium Models; Sofiane-Vincent
1st Photo Assistant : Dorian Borissevitch
2nd Photo Assistant : Esther Balibar
Stylist Assistant : Nejma Musset
Make-Up Assistant : Daurianne Emboule
Backstage : Marisol Santana
Graphic and Type Designer : Coline Besson
Stage Manager : Louis Schneider
Catering : Philémon Savard
Special thanks: Florence and Marianne Amy, Guillaume Dubois and Elsa Lenthal