Marc Jean, Bradley, and Yechan meet for a weekend in Paris with no plans in sight. All unique in their expression, they perfectly align from shared experience. Alexandre Ean follows them from theatre to studio, tracing their story with effortless vision. 

Brands Featured: Arthur Avellano, Camper, Carré Y, Defaience, Duren, Maison Kitsuné, Maitrepierre, Mouty, Naima Djoudi, NU Atelier, Sankuanz, Situationist, Steven Passaro, TakahiromiyashitaTheSoloist, Tesei, Tiamo Ferro, UGG, Victoria/Tomas, We are Spastor X Tom Of Finland

Creative Director: Karim Coppola
Photographer: Alexandre Ean
Hair Artist: Jean Dorthu
Make-Up Artist: Omar Bouker
Models: Bradley, Yechan, Marc Jean
Agencies: 16 Paris, Select Model Management, Girl Mgmt
Production: VISORE LAB