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The ‘Keepsakes’ collection is a precious capsule of endless significance, celebrating ancestral keepsakes, transformed into iconic symbols, their meanings carried forward to express, collect and tell stories.


Drawing inspiration from the sentiment and meaning inherited through the tales recounted and photographs preserved by generations before ours, each charm in the collection is a symbolic piece of our valuable heritage. Be it a reminder of a person, a moment, a story or the most important things in life, the charms are a collection of memories that celebrate the valuable keepsakes we have collected throughout our time.



Hidden beauty, keep looking, Pearl of Wisdom, the world is your oyster, irritations create, wisdom gained through experience, loyalty, generosity, integrity, and purity, magic in nature



Emirati Pearl 1 piece

18kt yellow gold


Measurements: 13.93 x 9 x 8.68 mm



Please note that each MKS creation is handmade with 18 kt gold and natural gemstones. As a result, carat weight and stone details may differ slightly from one creation to the next.

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