• Alyada Single Band Ring
  • Alyada Single Band Ring
  • Alyada Single Band Ring
  • Alyada Single Band Ring

Alyada Single Band Ring

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In this precious collection of endless significance is a celebration of these keepsakes, transformed into iconic symbols, their meaning carried forward to express, collect, and tell a story. Each charm becoming a souvenir of a personal story, memory or dream. Hanging on chains and through ropes, connecting the past to the present and the future. Uniquely for you and by you is the most valuable creation, making each an ever transformable and timeless treasure.

Inspired by Alyada, the rope connecting the diver to the ship. This ring is symbolic to trust and the rope, the universal connector.  Wear it as a statement piece on its own or a to be stacked with other bands together.


18 kt Yellow Gold



Model wearing size 48 as a pinky layer

Use this band as a universal connector on a chain too (model wearing on second layer)


Currently sold out we are now taking pre-orders on this piece


Please note that each MKS creation is handmade with 18 kt gold and natural gemstones. As a result, carat weight and stone details may differ slightly from one creation to the next.

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