When we were not connected to cables, but to people. When our image was not mediated by screens, but through the lens of eyes. Do you remember how living in nature was? It's time for us to leave our fatherland and migrate to the web, where we can start again. Keep our hands on the tree of life and scan your body. 


Brands featured: Études, Steven Passaro, XULI.Bët, Ruirui Deng, Lewis Dussurget


Creative Director: Karim Coppola

Videographer and Photographer: Jean De Blignières 
Stylist: Manvi Bhatnagar

Styling Assistant: Isabella Papadimitroui

Models: Taiki at Bananas Models, Moharam at Rock Men, Marion at City Models, Noa at Women Paris 

Hair Stylist: Beth Shanefelter

Make-up Artist: Assia Caiazzo
Set Designer: Valentin Carrié

Sound Designer: Théo Camporeale
Production: VISORE LAB